If you want financial freedom, Jerry has a plan for you.

A investor, mentor, and wealth strategist, Jerry was raised in Meridian, Mississippi by middle class parents who valued education and hard work. In middle school became a huge Oprah fan.  “I remember hearing how Oprah Winfrey was the wealthiest African American in the US and how she was on track to become a billionaire,” Jerry recalls his childhood. “I thought to myself… she makes a lot of money from her TV show, but how does she keep her money? Where does all that money go? From there I became infatuated with the art and science of wealth creation, and wealth preservation,” Jerry recalls. “In middle school my idea of fun was going to the public library after my haircut on Saturday mornings and reading books on investing and tax strategies of Ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWI).”

Professional Success to Financial Success

A Clark Atlanta University MBA dropout, Jerry became a senior financial analyst for a large commercial bank and then a highly sought after financial consultant for REITS, financial services firms, and private equities firms. Eventually, Jerry’s frequent exposure to large institutional investors allowed him to focus specifically on developing trading and advanced risk management strategies for portfolios of stocks, commodities, and currencies (FX). His proprietary strategies created profits of $100 million+ over a 3 year period.

Jerry learned almost everything people believe about successful investing is wrong.

“Making money in the market isn’t about having the ability to predict the market (or a stock’s) direction. It’s about identifying price patterns, doing the opposite of everyone else, and managing your risk. If you do these, you’ll consistently make money whether the market is going up, down, or sideways. ”

Jerry managed to grow his investment portfolio using stock options and perfected the art of maximizing profits.

Mind, Money, Purpose

Jerry teaches his students that before they can truly build wealth they must first over the 4 Enemies of Wealth (Pride, Self-Esteem, Denial, and Complacency). These psychological barriers prevent people from reaching their highest potential. “Financial difficulties don’t exist. So when someone says they’re having financial difficulty they are mistaken.” Jerry says. “Finances aren’t the problem. One or more of The 4 Enemies of Wealth are the problem and until addressed, no amount of money will fix the situation. It becomes a vicious cycle of poverty creation.”

Jerry elaborates, “People who are slaves to money constantly exchange time for money, whereas people who are masters of money constantly exchange money for time. Money is replaceable but time is irreplaceable… so the ultimate benefit of having wealth isn’t for the accumulation of material possessions or extravagance, it’s the ability to leverage your time to fulfill a higher purpose, live more abundantly, and create meaningful impact. Otherwise, the purist of wealth solely for the sake of being wealthy is like chasing the wind. Contrary to the popular saying, money can make you happy…But money alone does create a sense of true purpose and fulfillment.

Consistent Income and Growth in Up, Down and Sideways Markets

Average investors need a “statistical” edge to profit in today’s markets. “ In Financial Feng Shui I teach students how to generate consistent profits in the stock market using stock options regardless if the market is up, down, or sideways,” says Jerry.  “This financial education program was created to help students become more confident in their abilities to understand and master the stock market.