Stock Market Mastery Program

Stock Market Education

Become a Professional Stock Trader
8 In-depth modules providing 3 hours of training
Ask Questions in our Weekly Webinars and Conference Calls
“Earn as You Learn” with Jerry’s weekly and monthly stock picks

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Getting Started

Stock Exchanges
Power of Compound Interest
Opening Your Brokerage Account
Practice Trading
Setting Up Your Watchlist

Market Essentials

Fundamental Analysis
Ticker Symbols
Important Terms
Order Types
Pricing & Percentages
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

How to Read a Stock Chart

Technical Analysis
What is a Candlestick
Candlestick Formations
Stock Trend Analysis
Support & Resistance

Cultivating Long-Term Success

Managing Your Risk
Understanding Risk-To-Reward
Having a Successful Mindset

Principles of Trading Stocks

How to Buy & Sell Stock
Profit Taking
Stocks vs. Stocks Options
Selling Calls & Puts
4 Rules of Investing

Advanced Technical Analysis

Stock Chart Formations & Patterns
Technical Indicators

Options Fundamentals

What is A Stock Option
How Stock Options Work
Strike Prices & Expiration
Stock Options Risks
Benefits of Trading Options
Options Violability
Time Decay & Pricing

Profit Strategies

Bullish Strategies
Bearish Strategies
Neutral Strategies
How to Profit From News

Here’s What You’ll Get:


Jerry’s simple style makes stock market success accessible to everyone. You have 24/7 access to educational videos through our membership portal and receive free access to new videos available exclusively to our members. You get a total financial education at your convenience.